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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Bushcraft at Tigh Mor

Great to see all the lovely free foods starting to come out at Tigh Mor.  Just as things were starting to get chilly, out came the space blankets to see what these lovely families could come up with. Good effort we say, especially on their scavenger techniques!

Slight rip for Thomas and his Dad, but duck tap to the rescue!

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Magick Wands at Tigh Mor

Fifteen lovely new magick makers joined us today at Tigh Mor for magick wands. :-)

Mostly wands from either hazel or ash chose their new owners, with a couple of oaks and one silver birch finding new homes too.  This must mean lots of creativity, wisdom, strength and one new beginning then! 

Here's a selection of most of them (the youngest new magick makers couldn't wait any longer to be let loose with their new magick making tool).  I wore my new witches cape, but with all that magickal energy in the room it was too hot and I had to take it off!

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Bushcraft at Tigh Mor

The sun had finally put his hat on and shined down on Tigh Mor - a beautiful day for our first bushcraft session of the year.  We even saw some lovely young common sorrel, a bit 'green' rather than refreshingly lemony, but lovely to see signs of the promise of Spring :-).

Thankyou Neil from NSQ Photography (also the maintenance chap at Tigh Mor) for the first three photo's more can also be seen at the Facebook page Nix in Nature.

Mmmm, common sorrel

I'm a fire starter!

Discussing the flavour and the many uses of soft rush or rush light.

Will showing the guys some natural navigation techniques

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The New Nix in Nature Van

Here is a sneaky look at Nix in Nature's new accommodation.  This was an old leaky smokers caravan, so out with the old, in with the new.  However, staying true to our environmental policy, most of the materials needed were upcylced and re-used, only needing some lino, a bit of hardboard to replace the rotten wood, some pva and wallpaper paste for the book page wallpaper and quite a bit of mastic to fix the leaks!



 Back left
 Front right
Front left
The walls took about 5 old books, the chairs have been covered with some rugs from the bell tent, the wood left over from an unwanted tent awning floor and benches that were being chucked out after renovations became the shelves.  Just the electric leads to sort, oh and eventually the outside painted as it is plastered in mastic after a couple of pesky leaks that were hard to find.  I'm really surprised how our stuff has all gone in (luckily my clothes will go in the van - 3 crate/boxes isn't bad for a girl eh :-)?
Feels really good to have done everything so cheaply and re-used things were possible, stepping off the property ladder and getting out of the 'ought to do' job trap is very liberating and I'm really grateful to be able to see views like this everyday :-).

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Christmas Weekend at The Lodge

A fittingly snowy last weekend at The Lodge in Aberfoyle this weekend. Intrepid Scotland were there too this week making some lovely Christmas Wreaths, along with young Kitty and Felix who kept us busy making wands. Also, David the amazing wood carver who kindly let Will have a go and Angela from AB Crafts - sooo clever with her adorable homemade crafts. All was very festive, especially as David Wilkie was keeping us entertained with his Kazoo!

Snow is falling, all around The Lodge!

Magickal Stall
 Will is let loose with the wood carving tools!
Wands waiting for witches and wizards
One of David's lovely wooden carvings - a quill made from wood, so gorgeous I had to get one!
 From left; Ailsa' ash, Iona's ash, Struan's willow and William's ash wands - most wanted power animals inscribed into the wands for extra magickal energy :-)
Another collection of lovely wands, mainly Kitty and Felix's wands - they will be busy magick making over the Christmas period then!
One prepared earlier by Will ready to sell, which it did :-)
Some fun cheeky face painting at the lodge, my first three adults (other than family) so nice to see everyone was feeling festively cheeky!

David Robertson managed to keep his snowman on all day whilst selling Christmas trees in the sleet outside, is it me or are there a lot of David's at The Lodge?
Merry Christmas everyone and best wishes to all for the New Year - a huge thank you to everyone that has joined in and supported Nix in Nature this year :-)

Sunday, 8 December 2013

The Lodge Christmas Activities

Back at The Lodge again, weird how there seems to be certain favourite wand of the day each time we do the session. Everyone went for Ash today, even though the kids arrived at different times for a drop in session. 

Lily & Benjamin wanted enormous wands - more like staffs really! Lily's is really festive and Benjamin clearly wanted his wand to keep an eye on things!

Michael and his older brother Ben decorated these gems, infusing their wands with power animal magic too :-). 

Adam made this lovely wand (after sinking in imaginary quick sand a few times), then they were all off to make Christmas magic and scare away any snakes, just in case there happened to be any in the chilly forest!?
Ash wands were used apparently to protect people from poisonous snakes, native Americans wore ash leaves in their moccasins and baby cradles were made from ash wood too.
Face painting was a bit quieter this week as the weather was quite dreich outside, but Scarlett opted for a lovely Rudolf the red nosed reindeer, Luca a dinosaur and 'Spiderman' for Adam.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

The Lodge Christmas Activities

Just warming up for Christmas with a wand session and festive face painting at The Lodge Visitor Centre in Aberfoyle.

Katie was whizzing about all day while her Dad was busy getting all the Christmas trees ready for sale, so she joined us to make this lovely holly wand to make her whizzing about more magical

Sunday was face painting, Rose went for a butterfly face, Robin a small panda, Elidh a flower spray and Darcey designed her own smiley face. My favourite was this one, being that it was the 1st December :-).
Cara went for Santa's eight Reindeer flying through a frosty Christmas Eve night sky.
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